Coban City Tour, Private Half-Day Experience


clock4 to 5 hours


    If you´re planning to visit the highlands of Guatemala, Cobán must be on your list. Las Verapaces is a region full of nature, caves, rivers, flora & fauna, and many other natural attractions, but is also full of culture and traditions. This cultural tour will bring you close to the indigenous people of this location, get to know their Mayan & post-conquest history.

    The importance of Coban can be traced back until the year 1530. The region is known as "Verapaces" which means "Place of real peace" due to the pacific conquest of the people and the lands through religion. We´ll start this tour with the right foot by taking you to the most important buildings, the central plaza, the biggest mall in the area, and important museums that tell the history of this place and the ancestors of these authentic people. This tour will feel like a time machine traveling back and forth in time getting to know the most relevant events and characters but also interacting with the contemporary Mayans.

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