coffee express & exotic fruit Market Medellin


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    Enjoy more representative places of the fruit market of the city of Medellin, First, we go to the retail plaza, where we will know the best selling products of fruits, vegetables and exotic juices, la minorista in downtown medellin the bigggest market in metropolitan area 

    after The Coffee tour in Medellin takes places at a plantation just 45 minutes outside the centre of Medellin. The location of the coffee plantation is called 'CopaCabana'Learn from the peasants the process of coffee from its cultivation to its collection, drying and processing. Lives an experience in a coffee farm, tasting coffee prepared by expert coffee growers who explain the different elaborations of the drink of cofee.the best the tour in medellin which the state of the antioquia product more of the coffee in the colombian coffee.

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