Country Cycling "The "Belarus" Station" Tour


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    This is a golden classic of Belarusian tourism. We'll cycle around an expressive and spectacular schoolbook of history of Belarus unfolded on a picturesque landscape. The small town of Zasla-je absorbed whole dramatic nature and contrariety of the Belarusian context. Town's railway station with symbolic name "Belarus" was situated just on a state border between Poland and USSR in 1921-1939. In the period a number of pillboxes were constructed here from both sides. But the town was baring its defensive constructions many times before that: ramparts of Hliabovi-s' castle of XVI cent., a fortified protestant church in Gothic-Renaissance style, ramparts of an ancient settlement of the X cent are still there... Spirit and praying were inside of them all the time: we'll see churches of the past, including Orthodox Cathedral. Nice hilly landscape, various historical sites, cycling around local paths, with use of local trains - welcome to real Belarus!

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