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couple's massage


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    The benefits of couple massage are many, such as total physical and mental relaxation, increased sensitivity and complicity of the couple, the awakening of fantasies and intimacy, the improvement of the sense of well-being

    The rest of the body and above all that of the mind are essential to reduce stress and to face everyday life in a positive way.

    The Settimo Cielo can be considered as a "refuge for the couple" where the experience and exaltation of the body, soul and spirit can be practiced in an atmosphere of tranquility and pure relaxation

    Among the therapies related to the sexual problems of the couple the "sensual massage" is to be considered a valid aid to stimulate the libido increasing the ability to respond positively to sensory stimuli. Among the benefits of sensual massage there is certainly that of the "awakening" of sexual sensitivity, rebalancing of the chakras, kundalini, in addition to the reduction of inhibitions

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