Culinary Frankfurt Walking Tour


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    Within this two-hour culinary Frankfurt walking tour, you will get the opportunity to sample everything you should try while in Frankfurt. Our tour guide is both friendly and well-informed, you can anticipate gaining some understanding of the history of the scrumptious sweets that you will have the opportunity to sample along the route. Are you familiar with the German- board spread, which has garnered a lot of praise? You will have the opportunity to sample fantastic salami, cheese, and crunchy toasted bread. It is general knowledge that beers made in Germany are renowned across the world for their strict adherence to the purity rule known as the Reinheitsgebot. At Paulaner am Dom, a method quite similar to this one is utilized. Last but not least, no visit to Frankfurt would be considered successful until it was capped off with a serving of the city's specialty dessert, the Frankfurt Crown Cake, and a refreshing drink of iced coffee.

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