Day trip from Milan: Valtellina and wine tasting - private tour


clock9 to 10 hours


    We have planned an itinerary that allows you to discover the area of ??Valtellina. Valtellina has been a wine producing area for more than 2,000 years. Over the centuries, farmers discovered that the higher altitude improved the wine including its alcohol content. Vineyards were cultivated on complex, ultra-steep terraces along the Valtellina’s preposterously steep hillsides. Valtellina produces almost exclusively red wines, made of Chiavennasca, the local name for the Nebbiolo grape. Less tannic and powerful, the Nebbiolos of Valtellina are tasteful and delicate. Enjoy a wine tasting during the day! ( a stop for lunch is included, fees at your own expenses )

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