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Detroit Downtown on The People Mover Audio Tour


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    Detroit is a massive city. It covers over 139 square miles, but only two of these count as the downtown. This makes our rarely enjoyed, super cheap and mostly useless People Mover a great way to learn about the rich history of Detroit.

    The People Mover is a driverless, fully-automated, rapid transit system that travels a 2.9-mile, one-way loop through the heart of the city. The total round trip journey is only 14 minutes long and the ride will only cost you 75 cents a person.

    There are 13 stations on the loop. If something at one of them catches your fancy, feel free to hop off and explore the area, and then get back on the People Mover when you’re ready. This audio tour will pick back up when you board the People Mover again, or you can end the tour and then restart it by selecting Resume.

    The tour is ready whenever you are and the audio plays automatically at exactly the right time and place using your smartphone's GPS and the VoiceMap mobile app, which also works offline.

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