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    When a good friend told me the other day that he was at St. George's town party and had wondered why so many men went hand in hand, I knew: boy, many people do not know anything about this district. I want to change that. For years, I'm in this quarter in the area and know it like the back of my hand, because I am also gay. At that time there was no Grindr / Tinder, because you had to get out into the "real world" ;-) So, let me show you this exciting corner of Hamburg and bring it closer: The probably most lively and multifaceted district of Hamburg: St. Georg - the most colorful District of Hamburg.

    Episcopal see for Catholics meets LGBTQ scene. Where oriental feeling at Steindamm and Alster-SchickiMicki belong together. Sankt Georg offers an indescribable lifestyle and a lot of history as well as stories about the people who live and live here ....

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