Discovery Tour to Furong Town and Red Stone Forest Private From Zhangjiajie


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    Depart from Zhangjiajie city hotels and day trip end in Zhangjiajie city,
    Red stone forest famous for its ancient ocean rock formation can traced back to about 450 million years ago. The red stone forest used to be a seabed during Ordovician period. Here deposited a large amount of shaly sand with carbonate material. With millions years of erosion and corrosion by rain and sea water later and crustal movement, it formed unique Karst landform that we can see today. For the rock contains rich iron element, it presents the color in red.
    The stone forest covers an area of 20 square kilometers in a totally original ecological status. In the stone forest, there are valleys, stream and springs.

    Furong Town is located 80km south of Zhangjiajie city, on the half way between Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang old town, with 800 years Tujia people history, known for Tujia people cultural sight, historical architecture and traditional artisan shops
    Let by private tour guide.

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