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E-bike tour to the Alfina Castle, Sasseto forest, tasting in the cellar


clock6 hours


    With us you can immerse yourself in the ancient history of this land, from the Etruscan civilization to the Middle Ages until the Renaissance, visiting sites and places where you can breathe a mixture of legend and truth. Here, where people still love and preserve the ancient traditions, in the handicraft, in the cultivation of the products of the earth, it is possible to get excited simply listening to the silence of these villages and gazing at panoramas of rolling hills on which Torri, Castelli and Rocche stand out. In these places warriors and condottieri have written pages of history, cultures met and clashed, each time helping to enrich a civilization born 3,000 years ago. The foods in these places are the testimony of an enogastronomic variety in which the contaminations have brought to the excellences of which today we can enjoy

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