Escape Game Outdoor: The Magic Portal Level 3/5

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    Danger threatens from worlds long believed to have passed! The local portal guardian has been put out of action by a powerful spell and now malicious creatures roam our enchanting, proud and unique city again. But there is hope, you! With the help of the powerful artifact, according to legend, determined heroes can find the hiding places of the 3 magic crystals, solve the puzzles that seal them, prove their courage, intelligence and speed, and close the portal again. iPad and ActionPack with many tools will transport you to another world. Your goal: Solve puzzles in the enchanted places and collect enough crystals to close the Magic Portal and save our world from destruction. The perfect mix of augmented reality, puzzles with tricky tools and location based puzzles. We are sure that you have a good chance to close the portals again if you are a puzzle fan, want to have a change and want to think around the corner ;). The perfect experience for families, bachelor parties, class events and co.

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