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Estrada Real - São Bartolomeu 01 day


clock10 hours


    Day trip along the Old Road of Estrada Real, having experience with the sweet Goiabada Cascão, direct contact with Nature preserved in the State Forest of Uaimií, which means Rio das Velhas in Tupi-Guarani, feel the pleasant, peaceful climate of the peaceful district of São Bartolomeu, a delightful place, which preserves the Mineira culture, its rich matrix, maintaining its typical gastronomy made in the wood stove, using what is planted and what is created in the backyards, establishing the system of exchange of goods between neighbors and friends, having the opportunity to buy products produced in the region. Let's enjoy the Rio das Velhas, which the Paulistas called Guaicuí, which crosses the district, is born within the seat of the municipality of Ouro Preto of which São Bartolomeu is part, the river is the largest tributary of the São Francisco River, having 801 km of very clean, good for swimming or kayaking and stand-up paddle. A real dive into our culture.

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