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Etruscopolis: Once Were Etruscans


clock6 hours 30 minutes


    Etruscopolis is a trip in the bowels of the Earth, along the centuries in the Etruscan Civilization.It is an authentic artistic masterpiece which tries to defeat the strain of the centuries corroding and fading everything fleeting! It is a plunge in the past in the middle of decoreted tombs, homes, secenes of daily life, faithfully reproduced by the artist Omero "the last Etruscan". In fact in the large museum area of Etruscopolis, vases and bronzes of Etruscan inspiration are created not reproduced by OMERO who becomes in this way the continuator of the art of his ancient fathers. The artist Omero has managed to discover the secret of the archaic dough and the ancient manufacturing techniques, so that his creations are authentic even to the most sophisticated tests. For this reason, because of their strong resemblance to the original objects, they are sold with a certificate attesting its provenance like at British Museum or Metropolitan Museum in New york City.

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