Forest Biking Trails of Heidelberg


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    Germany has over 6 billion trees - but don't worry, you don;t need to count them all!
    Whilst Heidelberg is justly famous for its castles, cobbled streets, bridge and market squares, these are all surrounded by sublime forest, with a wide variety of trees and animals all around. This is a part of Heidelberg that most people never see, but you will find the locals here, maybe mushroom hunting or just enjoying the air!
    Whilst enjoying some great exercise, escape from the madding (and let's be honest, sometimes maddening crowds below) and disappear into the vastness all around.
    There's lot to see, stories to be heard, things to be explained and wonders to be experienced - forest biking works in all seasons, and in such tiny groups, you can really lose yourself in the wonder of the nature all around.
    With many years biking experience around Europe, I can't wait to show you around, and learn to love all that goes on "in them thar woods!"

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