Formula 1 simulator


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    Just drive in a circle and steer a bit?
    Get an impression of what it means to be a racing driver.
    Steer, shift, accelerate, brake and everything on point? Easier said than done.
    With us you experience a real racetrack feeling. Try it yourself, what the guys in the cockpit have to do.
    Or are you more of a high-flyer who flies under the Golden Gate Bridge with the A320 and makes a gentle landing with the Boeing 737 in all weathers?
    Fully mobile racing and flight simulators, based on the latest technology, bring you closer to the world of Race & Fly in a realistic way.
    A motorsport world full of adrenaline and the unlimited expanses of aviation are waiting for you in the mydays adventure work.
    Challenge accepted?
    We are waiting for you at Bikini Berlin.

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