French-American Guided Tour of the Freedom Trail, Boston


clock90 to 120 minutes


    Follow a professional historian, concerned about historical accuracy, able to address adults and children alike, in joy and good humor, to discuss the links between France and America. For example…

    What are the links and controversies between the history of Quebec and New England?

    Why was a young man of the French nobility, the Chevalier de Saint-Sauveur, assassinated by rebellious inhabitants?

    How did the “Yankees” overcome their intolerance towards the French to beat the English on their side?

    How did the Souvenir of the Marquis de La Fayette encourage Americans to fight and fall on the field of honor alongside the Poilus in 1917?

    How did the 1775 Revolution spread from America to France in 1789, and from France to Haiti, Vietnam, and other struggles for Freedom and Human Rights, and what their consequences today?

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