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French Caviar & Champagne Tasting Masterclass by Passport Gourmet


clock30 to 45 minutes


    It is no surprise that myths and legends were born from Sturgeon when you learn it is a prehistoric fish and its caviar eggs have been celebrated for their rarity and taste for thousands of years.

    On arrival at an elegant contemporary showroom on the Left Bank, you will be greeted and seated. Your host will serve you Caviar resting in a large block of ice plus a spoon made of Mother of Pearl.

    Option 1:
    • Caviar Baeri Signature 10mg pp
    • Caviar butter toast
    • Glass of Champagne or Vodka

    Option 2:
    • Additional tasting of the prestige Caviar Oscietre 15-22mg pp

    Your host will present their knowledge of this extraordinary fish as well as show you a short film of how this luxurious product is carefully produced to obtain the highest quality and subtle taste. Learn about :
    • The origin, history and various technologies used to produce Caviar
    • The effect of color, size, clarity, firmness and ageing.
    • Basic pairing rules.
    • Cost comparison of various Caviars.

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