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    Friscu is not simply a dairy but a project, a family project. Friscu was born as a shop and dairy for "personal" use. Tired of importing good food from southern Italy and in particular fresh mozzarella, with my family we decided to recreate a little corner of Puglia in Pisa where we eat daily in our homes. Friscu, which in Apulian dialect means fresh, has inside a real artisanal mini-factory where every day we produce fresh mozzarella starting from high quality milk from selected farms just a few kilometers from our dairy. The hot and stringy mozzarella, the soft and boiling ricotta will change you deeply in terms of food and cheese and you won't be able to go back to the usual commercial products. A special experience that will allow you to watch the production of mozzarella and cheeses totally handmade according to the workmanship of the past and to taste rare flavors.

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