Full Day Dougga & Bulla Regia At Departure From Tunis


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    Departure to Bulla Regia (160 km from Tunis). This area is well worth a visit for its fascinating history. Here, the Romans built their villas with one floor above and below, to avoid heat. Seven villas have been excavated so far and named after the beautiful mosaics discovered within. Proceed to Dougga (65 km from Bulla Regia). Lunch at a local restaurant.

    Dougga houses some of the largest Roman ruins in North Africa. The tower starts with the theater during the Second Century and donated by the Gracchus family & it continues to the "Place of the Roses of Wind", the Market Place, dominated by Mercury, the god of commerce, the well preserved Capitoline Temple, dedicated To the three deities, the Forum, the Public licinius Baths & it ends with the House of Trifolium, the Cyclopes therms and the magnificent twelve-seat latrines.

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