Get a taste of Scuba Diving in confined water

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    Welcome to the World of Scuba Diving! If you ever thought of what does it feel like to breath under water, to swim like a fish, to float underneath the surface, this is the perfect taster session for experiencing that. This is a class which is the gateway to learning to Scuba Dive and is done in a deep pool, in safe conditions, under the guidance and supervision of a Diving Professional who will introduce you to the world of diving. This will include getting familiar with the equipment first, then a 1.5 hour introductory session of practicing basic skills in the water, on a gradient level, whereby you get shown how to breath underwater, how to be buoyant, how to move forward, inflate and deflate your buoyancy control device, how to get the water out of your mask while under water, etc. This is a fun activity that will give you an insight what it means to become a scuba diver!

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