Ghost hunt in the big garden


clock3 hours


    The explosive salt trick helps against the dangerous water ghost. Garlic is enough for the black man. The Daddel Zapp is shot as a rocket on the moon. The quarrel ghost is smoked out. The Luser spirit gets something on the ears. And the stress ghost is soaked with water-Pischtis, until it is "babbsch" and can not fly anymore.

    These are just some of the ways you must expel the ghosts from your treasure hunt in the Great Garden. For they have stolen the glittering glittering dream stones from the Lord of Dreams and also bewitched them. Since then, the children have only bad dreams and recently again afraid of ghosts, although they actually no longer believe in ghosts.

    Therefore, you must not only drive away the ghosts, but also find the hidden dream stones again and then banish the evil spirit magic, so that the stones make beautiful dreams again.

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