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Guided Walking Tour of Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna


clock1 hour 30 minutes


    Visiting a historic building without a certified and expert guide often, if not always, means wandering around many rooms without reference points. Observe wonderful paintings, furnishings and jewels without knowing why they are there and what relationship they have with the history and events of the people who lived in that place. In the case of a huge and historically important palace like Schönbrunn, this feeling of bewilderment is almost guaranteed. A one and a half hour tour with Mario will give you all the information you need to better enjoy the experience of the visit. At the end of the tour you can also take a more knowledgeable and expert look at the city itself and its history. The maximum number of participants is 8 people. The Tour is therefore ideal for those who want to visit the palace in complete tranquility, being able to ask questions and investigate the aspects of greatest interest.

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