Half-Day Kayak Sailing in Singapore


clock4 to 5 hours


    Hop onto a sailing kayak and let the wind take you away.

    Experience the first and only kayak sailing tour in Singapore. You don’t need any sailing knowledge at all, we will teach you the basic of sailing without any of the complicated jargons. You just need to know how to open and close the sail, that’s it! You become Captain Jack Sparrow in no time.

    On a windy day, the sails will give your kayaks a boost in speed, making the journey a little easier and faster.

    This sailing route takes you from mainland Singapore to the island of Pulau Ubin. Once there, you will be navigating your way through the magnificent mangroves forest. Look around, you may spot an otter, monitor lizard or even a wild boar swimming beside your kayak.

    Your trip ends with a simple meal on one of the Singapore’s Kelong (Floating fish farm). There, you will enjoy freshest seafood meal that you can find in Singapore, some locally farmed Seabass and Mussels, harvested and prepared right in front of you.

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