Half day private Mumbai discovery tour


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     A tour covering visits to some of the most historic monuments around the city is the best a tourist can ask for. Known as the financial capital of the country, this city never sleeps. Mumbai is a city of its kind, where you weave dreams in the beauty of its diversity.  

    This tour adds to one’s limited knowledge derived from Google. The handouts shared during the tour, contain information from local as well as ancient verified sources, which one may never find after surfing through the internet all their lives. It is important to note that the tour is often reviewed as more content-driven and structured in comparison to others, because of the validity of its facts. These stories and facts that are a result of word-of-mouth style of passing on knowledge, have not reached the dangerous realms of the internet as
    yet. This makes the information fresh to absorb.  

    The experience in its entirety is captivating. The tour is designed in such a manner that the tourists are not over-burdened with information but are at the
    same time briefed with the necessary details. They are given individual handouts before each monument, which simplifies the process of sharing knowledge, and also breaks down the process of educating them.  

    The tourists are often sighted sharing how they discover some interesting facts during the course of the tour. For instance, they are unaware of the fact that the Gateway was earlier utilized by the fishermen community or that the Mani Bhavan was where Gandhiji resided during an extremely crucial period of the Independence era. The Dhobi Ghat looks like any other washing area but very few know regarding the magnanimity of its activities. The monuments have been maintained with the utmost care and hold its significant beauty even today. The duration of the tour is apt and the mini - break at Chowpati for snacks is often addressed by the tourists as the icing on the cake.  

    The tour concludes after sighting the magnificent views of the Queen’s necklace and CST illuminated in all its beauty. This spectacular city which is always of its toes is a wonderful host to its tourists and is truly beautiful in every aspect.  

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