Hanoi: Small Group Street Food Walking Tour By Night

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    Cuisine is a part of culture that is the reason why to experience a culture one must experience their cuisine also. You can go eat by yourself but you will get much more than your expectation after our tours such as:

    More understanding about Vietnamese cuisine via introduction of tour guides.

    More understanding about Vietnamese culture.

    Best local insight into our city.

    A unique experience

    Walk the 36 streets of Hanoi's Old Quarter

    Join the locals and shop the local markets

    Sample the many types of local cuisine on offer

    Uncover the history of the Old Quarter of Hanoi

    Get to know about the lifestyles of the local people

    Inhale the aromatic scents exuding from street hawker stalls and follow your nose to stands replete with exotic fruits and fresh seafood

    Listen as you guide explains the culinary context of the city and hear about the cultural significance of local specialties

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