Herculaneum Express by Train - Entrance Fee Included


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    Herculaneum is the other large roman town which was totally destroyed by the eruption of vesuvius of 79 A.D.

    The town lays only 4,5 miles northwest of vesuvius, situated like Pompeii on the slopes of the volcano, it too had been seriously damaged by the eartquake in 62 A.D, before being totally submerged below a hugo mass of mud mingled with ashes and Pumice - Stone 17 years later.

    You will leave from Sorrento train station at 9:15 am and you will meet your guide outside the ruins of Ercolano.

    A 50 minute journey will take you to Herculaneum.

    Together with an official archaeological guide you'll walk around the ancient buildigs that have been so wett preserved that you'll feel like Romans 2000 years ago. The visit takes about half 1 hours

    Finishing time approx. 01:00 pm.

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