Incheon Ganghwado Island Peace 1 Day Tour(from Seoul) by Trippose


clock10 hours


    Historical & Cultural Sites in Ganghwa Island, Korea
    *Let’s dive in to the charms of Ganghwa Island, the 5th biggest island in Korea!
    *Enjoy the magnificent view at Ganghwa and the dynamic experience at the Ganghwa Luge.
    *It is the experiencing tourism which can harvest and taste Ganghwa ginseng and strawberries, which are famous specialty of the Ganghwa.
    -Gathering ginseng around 4-6 years old/ Providing 400g of strawberry and can taste such strawberry without any restriction at the site.
    *This tourism product is co-developed product by Incheon Tourism Organization
    *Can taste the Korean’s famous food, the ginseng chicken stew.
    *We are planning to provide various presents and events in each time period.
    *We provide opportunities to experience the Korean traditional apparel and make one own/s customized handkerchief.
    *We provide various spectacles including the beautiful sea, mountain and traditional streets of Ganghwa Island.

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