Inspired by Escape Rooms: ParaPoly - The Urban Adventure Game

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clock2 hours 30 minutes


    ParaPoly - The Urban Adventure Game is a game with components of scavenger hunt, escape game and city tour, combined into a real-life board game.

    Starting from a central square in the city, the tour takes you to famous places, important monuments and interesting corners. Existing elements are used for the game: buildings, monuments, streets, statues - this is how history comes alive.

    The tasks were designed by escape game developers. And just like in an escape room, each game has its own mission, which is integrated into a story along with the places you visit and the tasks you have to solve.

    ParaPoly is suitable for everyone who likes to play games, be it a parlour game, escape room, scavenger hunt or city rally, everyone who loves adventure, likes to solve puzzles, does not shy away from 2-3 km of walking and likes to experience something in a group. You can play as a couple or even in six, with grandparents and children (children under the age of 12 (approx.) can play along, but need explanations for most of the puzzles.

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