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Just A Break Pack - 20 items - 1 person - 15 minutes


clock30 minutes


    And if we imagined a place where you could let off steam, a place where you would be able to bring out your anger, your frustrations, let your body express itself to evacuate the overflow that can not go out because you do not dare you release.

    This is what The Rage Space proposes, and this in a circular economy by giving a second life to the objects intended for the dump.

    The Space Rage, is a space where you can break everything without any consequences. We offer 3 rage room, a zen relaxation area and a creative space.

    On the principle of an escape room, you enter this space; but you do not want to get out, you just have to break everything to get rid of your anger and frustrations!

    We have several pack available to satisfy you as well as a rage market offering various electro (screen, pc, furniture, ...)

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