Kayaking on upper river Mreznica - Slunj, Croatia

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    The upper part of river Mreznica consists of several waterfalls with second highest on river Mreznica, 8 m. Cascade waterfalls creates pools of warm water between them which makes perfect refreshment away from the coast and the beach crowd. Rafting/kayaking on river Mreznica has elements of Canyoning (natural waterslides, showering under waterfalls, jumping from high cliffs, walking through the canyon).

    Waterfalls can be passed with natural waterslide, with jumping into the lower pool or walking around the cascade but some barriers we can cross in kayaks. Guides throw the kayaks from high barriers but turist can also pass cascade walking around. Middle part consists of alot of cascade waterfalls not higher an 3 m. The tour consist of 15 waterfalls. Kayaking on Mreznica is very interesting and intensive because of the amazing nature, waterfalls and canyon. The color of the water changes from lake to lake due to specific sources (springs).

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