Life in the clouds: Day Trip to Quba and Khinalig


clock10 to 12 hours


    Here are the highlights of our Full-day Trip:
    -The tour provides a chance to discover the distinctive local cuisine, spectacular natural landscape with stunning mountain forests and hundreds of types of apples. The town and its surroundings remain the country's top supplier of this fruit.
    - The town provides an ideal base for exploring the region's the highest and most remote mountain villages like the Khinalig which attracts a large number of travellers every year around the world.

    Nothing can be more interesting than exploring the challenging lifestyle and unique traditions of inhabitants living here.
    -The tour program also covers the Red Settlement - the home to one of the largest communities of Mountain Jews in the world.
    - Next impressive natural landscape is Qachrash forest - one of the must-see attractions of Quba. It's well known because the trees are so thick that daylight cannot get through to the forest floor.

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