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Limoeiro Park 01 day


clock12 hours 30 minutes


    Wonderful day in Minas Gerais lands. Intense, waking up early, but it will be worth every minute, knowing a State Park of very rich value, located in a calm, peaceful district, where time passes slowly which is Ipoema, which belongs to Itabira, in the middle of the Diamond Road of Estrada Real . Lots of history, culture and good gastronomy typical of Minas Gerais. We will walk in a preserved, pulsating nature in Parque do Limoeiro, getting to know and glimpse our rich Biomes: Atlantic Forest and Cerrado, beautiful waterfalls await you.

    If there is time, we will have a visit to the Tropeiro Museum, which is in the district, on the edge of Estrada Real, with its rich collection. A little bit of this illustrious professional, eagerly awaited by the population of Minas Gerais, all the transport of goods from the capital and abroad, intermediation of land, among other functions, much more than just a transporter at that time. The so-called “Tropeirismo” is part of our culture. Feel that experience.

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