Masurian District - The Wolfs Lair and a Sailing Yacht - 1 DAY TRIP FROM WARSAW


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    Masurian Lake District – „ The land of a thousand lakes”.

    Masuria – one of the most beautiful and,until recently, most underestimated parts of Poland. The district had been elected as one of the 28 finalists of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. A paradise on earth for sailing enthusiasts. Over 3000 lakes, unspoiled nature and places that are in vain in other parts of Poland.

    The Wolf’s Lair Ruins (German: Wolfsschanze) is a complex of bunkers that during WWII served as Hitler’s most important secret headquarters.

    The 250 ha large massacred town in the forest included buildings, barracks, two airports, a railway station, a water supply system, a heating station, and even a cinema, a tea house, and a canteen.The desolate forest is full of the remains of concrete buildings that were once inhabited by the Nazis but have long since been reclaimed by nature and covered in trees, moss, and shrubs. If you are interested in history, especially World War II, then this place is obligatory for you.

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