Milan: Contemporary Art Private Walking Tour


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    This 2-hour tour starts in the Piazza della Borsa Italiana: Piazza Affari.
    Here, the architect and former city councilor for culture of Milan Stefano Boeri (already designer of the famous Milanese skyscraper Bosco Verticale), together with the artist Maurizio Cattelan, creates a provocative sculpture that dialogues with us and with the Milan Stock Exchange building. From here, in a few minutes you can reach the museum of 900. A spiral staircase will lead you to the discovery of masterpieces by artists such as Modigliani, Boccioni, Balla, Morandi, Fontana, Castellani, Manzoni and many others. Looking at the works you will understand how the famous Milanese fashion and design, owe much to the lines and innovations of great contemporary Italian artists.

    Finally, have a drink at Terrazza Martini and enjoy the view of the cathedral, the contemporary skyline and the mountains.

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