Museum of flight & classic cars private guided tour, from Milan


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    If you like planes, aerodynamics and technology this is the museum for you: you will see some war real planes built before the second World War to nowadays, you will seat down in some flight navigators to check and train your pilot skills helped by senior pilots. You will see some real plane and chopper engine both propeller and fan. You will see some war planes and helicopters developed during the '70s, and 80's to feel yourself like a Top Gun pilot in the hangar. You will also see the Space stand as well as the planetarium for a short story of our Universe. You will step inside a real DC9 plane which was ones the plane of the President of Italy. You will admire more than 80 prototypes of splendid Bertone's cars including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo. This is a private guided tour for your group only or only for you if you are a single tourist.

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