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Mysticism of Varanasi with Boat Ride & Ganga Aarti (2 Hours Guided Walking Tour)

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    This guided tour will help you unravel the mysticism that has always been associated with Varanasi, it is due to this dimension of the city that everyone in the past longed to come to Varanasi. This amazing tour which is a combination of walking tour & boat ride that includes experience of life energies within during the Ganga Aarti, which is not to be missed, if you really wish to experience Varanasi in its original sense.
    1. Watch the setting of the sun at the horizon and mesmerize with the stunning beauty of colorful old buildings, ashrams and places.
    2. Eyewitness the mystic Ganga Aarti; one of the five rituals performed for the worship of sacred river Ganga.
    3. Witness the rituals performed by local brahmins and sadhus, devotees walking down to the Ghats to offer their prayers to the Mother Ganges.
    4. Enjoy evening boat ride around Manikarnika Ghat viewing city's most wonderful scenes with great conversation to understand the importance of Kashi, significance of different ghats.

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