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Nectar and gold of the Gods


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    From Vicenza city center, this E-Bike tour leads to the vineyards of Villa Valmarana ai Nani, enlightened from the golden light of the morning sun. On the Riviera Berica, the Lady of the Hills, Villa La Rotonda shines from its own eternal beauty. Perfect is the fusion between its proportions and Nature around the Valletta del Silenzio (Silence Valley). Riding on the green quite path, the architecture of Villa Trento and Villa da Schio pay homage to the passers on the bucolic landscape of these rich lands. Ancient is the tradition of the local Trattoria: precious lunch to taste.
    The afternoon sun gives vital energy to the fruit of the green gold, the tasty DOP Olive Oil. In the mill, the expert leads the senses to the discovery of its aromas. The journey of taste continues in the vineyards where the grapes give the award-winning Tai Rosso Doc. The last stop is Monte Berico: from the large square of the Santuario, Vicenza shows itself in all its divine beauty.

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