Nepal Hot Air Ballooning


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    Pokhara is a city full of adventure. Now, Pokhara has added hot air ballooning service to give a taste of a new adventure. Nepal Hot Air Ballooning in Pokhara is here to satisfy your adrenaline rush. A short yet scenic ride through the city will take you to Dhampus. It is where the true trip starts as it is a launch site for a hot-air balloon. When the weather is agreeable, the hot-air balloon will lift off. Following the ride, you will return to the lakeside to relax.
    For Nepal Hot Air we start our adventure from Lake city Pokhara. Unlike another quest, a hot-air balloon is unique in many aspects. First, you have the option to decide when to take a ride. If you are a morning person, then you could take the ride as soon as the sunrise. This choice offers you the scenic beauty of the mountains. Getting close with the peaks and overseeing the lush forests through bird eye view will leave you in awe. The ride even lets you share the experience with your loved ones, unlike paragliding.

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