Off-road adventure in Mostar


clock4 hours 30 minutes


    Off-road adventure in Mostar is Jeep tour from Mostar to Nature Park Blidinje.

    Nature park Blidinje was founded on April 30, 1995. Located in the central part

    of the high mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It covers an area of -364 km². The central part of the Park dominates the long field with the Blidinje lake mountain peak -vrsnice

    (2.228 m), mountain top Vran (2.074 m), mountain ridge of Western -abulje.

    All around the valley is dotted with the Bosnia and Herzegovina trademark ste-ci from medieval ages. It is not clear how long human settlements have existed here but research began when Blidinje recently received Nature park status. Traces of Illyrian graves and Roman roads indicate that Blidinje has been settled for at least 2,500 years. The large necropolis at Dugo Polje indicates that the waves of Slavs that came in the 7th century also made this area their home.
    -Duration: 4h.

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