one-day Day Ice tour to Lake Baikal


clock8 to 10 hours


    Travelers will get an unforgettable experience of exploring the legendary Lake Baikal. They will be able to go out onto the ice of the lake, and if the weather is good and the ice is clear of snow, even ice skating.
    The main uniqueness of this tour is created by the venue. You find yourself face to face with the deep and untouched nature of the lake, you can hear the silence of nature.
    Imagine yourself standing on the shore of the great Lake Baikal. Before you is the snow-white surface of a frozen lake, and behind untouched Taiga. You feel how the cold wind of Lake Baikal touches your face, pricking it with cold as if with small needles. Towards the end of the route, many travelers, especially impressed by the nature of the lake, rethink the simple things of life.

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