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Paul's Private Tour: Third Gender in Bavaria


clock2 to 3 hours


    The third gender is not a theory and not a lifestyle. On the other side, religion and religious morality are theories, ideologies and yes, they are lifestyles.

    With this perspective, we walk through Munich and discuss LGBT-issues with society and also the Nazi-Era.

    It may be surprising that Islam already had homosexuals integrated into their history. The Catholics also have blessed knights and their fellows. So, what happened with society?

    "I would rather be a cold warrior than a warm brother," said Bavarian Prime Minister Franz Josef Strauß.

    Sad but true. Unfortunately, this says a lot about the history of the third gender in Bavaria. Prejudices came through belief, fear or politics and even with the difficult progress, we are far from the freedom that we enjoyed in our society 2000 years ago.

    In my tour of Munich, I talk about some issues related to the persecution and acceptance of homosexuals in Bavaria.

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