Phnom Penh Extreme Outdoor Shooting Range


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    Phnom Penh Extreme Shooting Range is an Outdoor range of Phnom Penh, promising the best action for all your needs, while 100 per cent is one of the unique things to do and unforgettable experience and the only one outdoor shooting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

    We have AK47, M16, T97, PKM Machine Guns, RPD, M79, Hand Grenades, 50 Caliber well known as Dooshka,shoot an RPG II and RPG 7 (Bazookas and B40 Rocket Launcher) into a house loaded with barrels of fuel, or blow up three traditional houses, or a car full of petrol barrels.You can play the whole day.

    - This is highlight of the gun shooting package

    1. Ak47 1x60: 60 USD, 30 Rounds
    2. M16 1x60: 60 USD, 30 Rounds
    3. PKM Machine Gun 1 x 220: 220USD, 100 Rounds
    4. 50 Caliber 1 x 140: 140USD, 10Rounds

    Totol, 60+60+220+140: 480 (if you spent more than 700usd on gun shooting then we gave a 10% discount)

    Target, one petrol, 1 x 100: 50usd
    Transport and video 70$

    Grand totol: 480+50+20: 650$

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