Pingyao Art Tour - Opera Mask Painting


clock2 hours


    Go to painting the opera mask with 80 years old Pingyao local artist named Gong jiulun who have started the mask painting from 30 years ago. He was the art education teacher and want to dig the Pingyao art culture, so he choose the opera mask painting, but he combine the opera mask painting and local culture together, show both of this on each colourful opera mask with good meaning like good future, wealthy, study well and peaceful etc. If you have 2 hours more in Pingyao after your visiting, this would be great experience for you to try and bring your mask back with you as the souvenir which is painted by yourself, you can choose which one you prefer before you start it. No worried, the master also help you make it perfect. What a exciting experience in Pingyao.

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