Pink City Local Shopping Tour


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    Jaipur, as we all know, is famous by the name 'pink city' and is also the capital of the state of Rajasthan. Jaipur has been a very famous vacation spot which is visited by foreigners as well as Indians every year to relax and enjoy a hearty time with friends and family. It is a site of cultural heritage and houses numerous ancient monuments along with their history. However, putting all that aside, Jaipur is also a great shopping hub with shops consisting of varieties of goods ranging from fabrics to sandals to bags and the list might just not come to an end. In short, you get anything you want at a low price and superb quality. An amazing combo to truly vouch for, isn't it- People here certainly follow the 'shop till you drop' kind of attitude. The moment we hear about Jaipur, all the gems, traditional Rajasthani costumes, the best shopping streets of Jaipur along with their timings & speciality and finally about the biggest shopping malls present in the city.

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