Private 2days tour to Shiyan Wudang Mountain start from Wuhan and end in Wuhan


clock2 days


    Wudang Mountain with a history over 1000 years, it is the No.1 Taoism Mountain in China, as well as the Cradle of Tai Chi and the Taoist martial arts. Taoist culture has originated on Wudang since the East Han Dynasty (25-220 AD) and some existing Taoist buildings could be traced back the 7th century. In 1994, Wudang Mountain was declared to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
    Taoism regards "Tao" as its supreme belief and holds that "Tao" is the origin of all living things. In traditional Chinese culture, Taoism, together with Confucianism and Buddhism, it is a dominant theoretical doctrine and a method of practicing immortality.
    It’s a good place to pray good luck and climbing the Mountain, we hope you enjoy your tour in Wudang Mountain.

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