Private Historic Walking Tour of Glasgow


clock2 to 3 hours


    This is a historic city tour which explains how the city grew from a tiny village into the second largest city of the British Empire and how it was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution.
    Guests will learn how the merchants in Glasgow created great wealth from trading tobacco and other goods with North America and how this in turn helped the city to expand considerably in the 19th century.
    You will see the fine Victorian architecture for which Glasgow is famous as well as areas which were affected by rapid overcrowding and industrialisation.
    The tour is presented in a friendly and fun way with plenty of interesting stories about Glasgow's people and their very unique sense of humour.
    You will even also learn how to speak like a local native and get lots of ideas on best places to eat, drink, and shop. We will give you information on other places you might like to visit while in the city and how to get there: Many attractions are free.
    Enjoy your visit and welcome to Glasgow!

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