Punta Laguna Reserve on Private Tour

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    Punta Laguna known by the Mayan community as Otoch Ma’ax Yetel Kooh which means the house of the monkey and the cougar.

    This area of great beauty is visited by national and foreign tourists. In addition to the beautiful lagoon, that treasure is the natural habitat of a majestic fauna, among which we can appreciate the spider monkey, among others, being a reserve preserved by a Mayan community that protects the different species that inhabit the area, among which some of them are in danger of extinction. This natural paradise is full of spaces for relaxation and at the same time for adventure.
    One of the great attractions of the place is the observation of spider monkeys and saraguato monkeys in natural habitat, which are accustomed to the visit of humans and are very common to be found with the naked eye.

    Additionally, Punta Laguna offers a Mayan ceremony, a canoe tour and a visit to an incredible Sacred Cenote.

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