ROME: Participate to a gladiators and legionaries training reconstitution


clock4 hours


    Discover how the gladiators and LEgionaries trained once upon a time.

    Example of gladiator trials activities :

    Ancient archery
    Fire making competition using flints, fabric or dried mushrooms.
    Throwing of gladiator nets and trident against fixed targets
    Trying out ancient dancing with dancers and musicians
    Experimenting ancient conjuring tricks with an illusionist
    Trying on the Roman military uniform
    Gathering floating fruit using only your teeth with your hands tied
    Archaeological drawings with an archaeologist
    Ancient Game competition: sack race, throwing balls and wooden hoops into a basket blindfolded, racing with glasses of water, balancing games on wooden pedal boards.
    Final treasure hunt in which the participants receive some clues with Latin symbols in the caesarean code, this means the letters are shifted 3 forward: the letter A will become the letter C and so on…
    Once the message has been decrypted, the participants will have to find the treasure target and bring it back.

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