Royal Tugudom - Grand Ceremonial Dining of Majapahit Kingdom


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    The Royal TUGUDOM dining tells the story of the royal expeditions of King Hayam Wuruk of the Majapahit Kingdom through the vast country including Bali. The Majapahit royal entourage traveled on foot, with buffalo-drawn carts, horses and elephants, from the eastern region of Java to Bali, stopping at temples, markets, villages, and ‘tugus’ (the symbolizing monuments of the God of Çiwa). The TUGUDOM is a theatrical dining brought back to life by the Tugu Hotels. illustrating the royal parades of the king and his entourage, decorated in exotic leaves and frangipanis, carrying a vast, lavish selection of imperial dishes of the Majapahit Palace as well as cuisine served by the humble citizens of the coastal vilages visited during these expeditions.

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