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    You will be welcomed with a cup of beneficial Chaga tea, a local specialty from the primeval forests of Finnish Lapland, after which you will be initiated into our meditative Tummo breathing technique in our yoga room. After this you prepare for the first round in the traditional Finnish sauna, under the guidance of an instructor. In the Finnish sauna you put the new breathing technique into practice while enjoying the warmth and steam of water from Lake Kitka. After the sauna you go outside to cool off in the winter in the snow or under the cold shower, in the summer by swimming in Lake Kitka. After the second visit to the Finnish sauna, take a refreshing dip in the ice water of Lake Kitka to cool off - also during the winter season. The cold releases endorphins and other hormones and you will intensively experience the beneficial effect on body and mind. The learned Tummo breathing technique and the serenity of Lake Kitka also contribute to this.

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